Stump Grinding

What does the Stump Grinding process at Lumberjack Tree Service look like?

The stump grinding process begins directly after the unwanted tree is removed. To ensure customer’s safety and protect them from any liabilities with underground utilities during the grinding process, at no additional cost to the customer Lumberjack Tree Service contac

ts a third party company, Digtess/811, to come to the property and mark underground cable, telephone, internet, electrical, water, and sewage lines. Digtess/811 will mark the underground lines within 48 hours. Lumberjack Tree Service provides this free service to all of its customers, because we feel it is necessary to include an added measure of protection. Once we confirm the area is clear to grind, we’ll bring out our stump grinding machine that’ll grind the stump left from the tree removal.

At Lumberjack Tree Service we go above and beyond by providing an additional free service. Our crews will then bag up the remaining mulch, and either haul it off or leave it, according to the customer’s wishes. Surface roots can also be ground upon customer request.

Reasons for grinding a stump with Lumberjack Tree Service:
-Removing stumps can create more options in future landscaping projects.
-After grinding is completed, a new tree can be placed in the location of the old stump.
-Decaying stumps can attract pests like termites and carpenter ants that could spread to other trees in the yard.
-Unwanted stumps can be hazardous and lead to injury or damage to yard equipment such as lawnmowers.
-Removing the stump can improve the yard’s overall aesthetic, allowing grass to fill the remaining space.

Why Choose Lumberjack Tree Service:
-We provide insurance for customer’s safety prior to stump grinding.
-We have the largest Stump Grinder in the Dallas metroplex which allows us to grind a stump to a depth of 10-12 inches normally, and up to 24 inches based on customer’s request.
-We ensure the entire stump and surface roots will not grow back, making it possible to plant other trees in its place.
-We’ll bag up mulch after every stump at customer’s request.

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