Tree Planting

Whether you are replacing a tree that has been removed or you’re looking for a new addition to enhance your yard’s natural aesthetic, Lumberjack Tree Service can help with all of your tree planting! With the best selection to choose from, we can find the perfect tree for any space. Many factors including pH level, drainage, soil texture, light levels, weather, and growing space should be taken into consideration when choosing a tree to plant. All trees can serve different purposes depending on your needs, whether you want a tree to provide privacy, serve as a windbreak, add shade,  or even produce fresh fruit, we have the tree for you! We handpick only the highest quality container grown trees from multiple nurseries in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex to find the perfect species of tree to fulfill the customer’s desires and the planting site conditions. All of our trees are guaranteed to be excellent specimens and add value to your property long term.

The Tree Planting Process With Lumberjack Tree Service
Our process ensures optimal growth and success for the tree installation. After the customer selects their preferred placement of the tree, Lumberjack Tree Service will prepare the ground for the tree to be planted. A backhoe/hand digging will remove the amount of soil necessary and place gravel at the bottom to improve drainage. The tree will be placed in and watered until the ground is sufficiently moist. Mulch can be placed on top of the root ball to maintain moisture and improve overall soil conditions. The tree will be staked by our tree planting professionals to provide the customer with a beautiful tree for years to come. Each tree comes with a one year warranty from the date that the tree is planted to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Water Demands
It is imperative to the survival of the tree that proper watering techniques are practiced. In order for the new tree to take root in its new location, the soil has to be full of moisture for the roots to soak up. Ideally, the customer would water the tree for long periods of time using a slow trickle. Watering is dependent on the tree species, soil type, and drainage of the area as well.

Water Schedule
For the first two weeks after installation, the tree should be watered up to five gallons per caliper inch per watering day. Always check the amount of moisture in the soil before watering to avoid over-watering. The following chart will show the recommended watering schedule:

Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) Water Schedule (Days per week)
32-60 1 day per week
55-70 1-2 days per week
70-80 2-3 days per week
80-90 3 days per week
90-100 3-4 days per week
Over 100 As needed

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