Lumberjack Tree Service has 22 years’ experience of removing trees safely and systematically

Tree removal can be highly technical when removing a large tree over your home. Our Arborists are trained with technical rigging and the physics of rope systems. We insure zero impact and full clean-up removals as well as multiple removal options for every budget. Lumberjack Tree Service will safely remove any tree in any situation using modern tools and techniques.

Lumberjack Tree Service will first make an evaluation of a tree’s failure potential and will base it on many factors, including the tree species and growth habits, the history of the tree and site, the branch attachments, and the condition of the root system.

Our arborist’s role in tree risk management is to advise customers about the level of risk, recommend possible methods of risk reduction, and inform customers on possible damages in case of tree failure.

The three key factors an arborist should consider when performing a tree risk assessment includes the potential of a tree to fail; the environment that may contribute to tree failure; and the potential target(s) if the tree fails.

One of the main concerns and determining factors for establishing risk, is the presence of a target, such as a structure, vehicle, or person.

Some questions to ask before a tree removal.

Are they Insured?

Do they Insure your property as the Insured?

What equipment do they use to fell the tree?

Do they rope everything down?

Your property is valuable! Lumberjack Tree Service will insure it stays that way!

We have removed some of the biggest trees in the Dallas Metroplex.

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