Here at Lumberjack Tree Service, we believe in the importance of having expert arborists available to properly diagnose, treat, and maintain trees in a way to support proper growth and development. The Arborists at Lumberjack Tree Service are certified and knowledgeable about tree biology and have experience with all the up to date necessary techniques and equipment used to address your trees’ specific health needs. All our arborists are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), signifying their professionalism, skill, and comprehensive knowledge of tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, and safety procedures.

Prior to the beginning of any service, our arborists will craft a job briefing including the work plan, potential hazards, and information regarding all gear and procedures, to ensure a seamless completion of the job. Our arborists are trained in all fundamental rigging techniques, which they use to increase safety and productivity when pruning and removing. They practice proper pruning habits by creating detailed specifications for the crews to ensure pruning objectives are met and promote tree growth and development.

Additionally, our arborists use their expert knowledge while completing an inspection to properly diagnose and prescribe treatments to hazardous or diseased trees. Warning signs we commonly identify are dead branches, a thin canopy, missing bark, fungal growth, and brown or abnormal leaf coloring. After each inspection, the arborists will create a comprehensive care plan to provide your trees with the necessary treatment to promote proper healthy development and growth.

More information about our arborists and services can be found on their respective pages under Tree Services. You can contact us for an arborist consultation at (972) 495-0606.

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