Tree Treatment

Here at Lumberjack Tree Service, we provide various fertilization services to ensure a tree’s health and vitality. The fertilization process begins with an inspection of the affected trees by our expert arborist who will then diagnose and treat the trees in accordance with ISA standards.

Lumberjack Tree Service’s arborists evaluate and select only the best treatment for the customer’s trees based on their specific fertilization needs. The treatments offered range from deep root fertilization to tree spraying, and numerous options for injections including antibiotic, fungicide, and insecticide injections.

Tree Treatment Options

Deep Root Fertilization:

Deep root fertilization involves injecting a nutrient-rich formula below the top layer of soil to ensure penetration to the root system below. The fertilization not only provides much-needed nutrition to the tree, but it can also have the added benefit of aerating the soil due to the pressure at which the fertilizing formula is injected. The additional oxygen in the soil around the area that results from the process will have additional benefits, leaving customers with trees possessing beautiful foliage and protection against pests and other harmful insects.


Pesticide injections ward off harmful insects that can severely impair a tree’s health and growth. Our method involves suppressing and preventing pest populations from growing, while not harming beneficial insects, to reduce damage to the tree in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way. The systemic pesticide we use travels throughout the vascular system to ensure the entire tree is completely protected from various forms of sucking and leaf-mining insects. Fungicide-injections prevent the growth of unsightly fungi that mar the appearance and lead to the decline of a tree’s health. We offer injections to target many prominent forms of foliar, vascular, and soil-borne diseases. Finally, we offer mico-injections to provide trees with all the nutrients they’ll need to retain a healthy root system and canopy structure.

Our priority is always ensuring customer satisfaction with their tree’s health and appearance, which is why our expert arborist takes the time to select only the perfect treatment option for all of your tree needs.

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