Tree Treatment Company Dallas

Tree Treatment

Trees serve as an asset to any property. Since they are part of your investment, it is imperative that you protect and care for them. Lumberjack Tree Services have highly-trained experts that can offer tree care services. They can spot problems like dead or weak limbs, insect or disease-infested trees and more. We make it a point to follow stringent guidelines.

You can also be sure that when you hire us, we will adhere to the standards, which are set by the Tree Care Industry Association. We cater to various tree treatment services, from planting to removals. We make sure that your trees are well taken care of through their entire life cycle. The services that we provide include pruning and maintenance, insect and disease control, planting, storm cleanup, water and animal protection services, stump grinding and many others.

Why choose Lumberjack Tree Services?

While you can choose from many tree care companies out there, there is no guarantee that they can provide the best tree care. You need to hire someone who has been proven to take care of your trees, as care and maintenance should not be taken lightly. When it comes to proper tree care, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. It is a home or business investment. So if your trees are in the wrong hands, there is no doubt that the consequences can be dangerous. You need to hire a certified person who specializes in taking care of trees. They have undergone proper training to know the proper way of caring for trees and maintaining them.

Their training is not limited to tree care and maintenance. In fact, they are also trained to ensure that they are working safely in trees. It is not enough that they have basic knowledge of proper tree maintenance and care. They also need to understand the importance of quality care. Homeowners should only entrust their trees in the best hands possible. Lumberjack Tree Services are strongly committed as we uphold the core values of our business. We also ensure that safety is our number one priority. We want to make sure that our clients and customers are satisfied at the end of the day.

Pruning & Maintenance

it is our goal to keep your trees as healthy as possible. Caring for trees is not a walk in the park. You need to consider regular pruning because they are essential for making trees grow. Pruning keeps diseases and pests at bay. Trees will also be protected from storm damage. This method will also give your trees an enhanced appearance while also promoting proper growth.

Disease and Insect Control

Aside from pruning, you will also need to make sure that your trees are less vulnerable to attacks from diseases and insects. You can only get rid of diseases or insects through early detection. There are many cases of trees dying prematurely because of insect and disease infestations. As they say, prevention is always better than cure so make it a habit to call us for consultation. We can detect if your trees need special attention.


Trees provide endless benefits. Not only do they add shade and beauty to your home, but they are also considered to be valuable. Keeping your trees healthy involves preventing possible infestations of insects and diseases. You need to schedule a consultation with Lumberjack Tree Services so we know the actions that have to be taken. Your trees can definitely benefit from regular check-ups. We look for signs of damage like browning or yellowing leaves, premature leaf drop and early indicators of disease or insect damage. We will also provide you with recommendations to address the damage.

Tree Fertilization

There is a variety of fertilization methods that will help trees restore their health condition. One of the popular methods is vertical mulching which involves drilling 3-inch holes following a specific measurement to encourage the slow release of fertilizer. The purpose of the holes is to provide aeration to the root zone. The trees take nutrients from granular fertilizer. Deep root fertilization is also another approach to consider. In this method, a prong is placed into the soil. It should be under the canopy of the tree. For the root system to absorb the nutrients, the fertilizer is injected below the soil.

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying aims to keep trees insect-free. Most often than not, companies use chemically based sprays to get rid of the problem. However, the presence of chemicals in sprays can pose a threat to the environment. You need an organic pesticide to address the problem without harming your surroundings and the environment. The best thing about organic pesticides is that they will only attack harmful insects. Beneficial insects are left undisturbed. When harmful insects inhale the pesticides, it will result in organ failure which will eliminate their ability to eat. Eventually, this will lead to starvation. The cycle of infestation is broken without worrying about harming trees, plants or animals.

Root Flare Excavation

We want to make sure that your trees grow healthier. This will be possible by doing air spadework. The process will expose the root flare to ensure that trees will grow healthy. For this method to work, you need a high compression air tool which nourishes the roots without harming the tree. Its primary purpose is to remove excess soil from the root zone and root flares. Trees will be able to get its much-needed oxygen with this method. This problem often takes place when you plant trees too deep.

Lumberjack Tree Services wants to make sure that your trees will grow healthy. Call us today so we can check your trees for any problem. We will provide you with recommendations in taking care of your trees.