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When it comes to tree planting, you need to make sure that you are only purchasing the highest quality trees. However, with all the options out there, the search for the best trees is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you want a great service that is a cut above the rest, you need to consider Lumberjack Tree Service.

We grow trees on our farm throughout the city of Texas. Once the trees go out to our farms, we make sure that the trees are properly measured. We never compromise on quality because we want our customers to be completely satisfied with the trees they get from us. For your tree planting projects, you can put your trust in Lumberjack Tree Service because we follow best practices and guidelines.

We make every tree planting project successful

The first step to kickstarting a tree planting project is to make sure that you are choosing the right tree species. You also need to take the location and purpose into consideration. Trees need TLC. That said, you need a screen so you can increase the shade or enhance the overall beauty of your property or home. We have a team of professionals that you can surely rely on. At Lumberjack Tree Services, we help our customers achieve their goals.

You might have already heard plenty of ideas related to tree planting. Some of them are already outdated and something that you could no longer benefit from. We always update ourselves with the latest techniques following the industry’s best practices. We make it a point to explore all the options so we can determine which approach will work and which one will not. We want plants to flourish and it will only be possible with the help of a trusted tree service provider.

Lumberjack Tree Services work closely with tree farms in Texas area. We do not rely on photos. We schedule a visit on these sites, measure and inspect the trees, making sure that we only get the best quality trees. Tree planting is not an easy task. You need to be aware of the very specific guidelines to get desirable results.

Watering your tree

The key component to ensuring growth is by watering trees on a regular basis. The amount of water that the tree needs may vary because you need to take the climates and soil types into account. You also have to follow a few basic rules as they will guide you in making sure that you water trees properly. It is also our job to set these guidelines for you. The guide includes a watering schedule that will work for you. Once the trees are planted, we will water them for you.

The water should soak the root ball and hole. We also eliminate the pockets so the trees can adapt to the new soil. We follow a special watering method which will encourage a slow trickle for approximately 45 minutes. This technique is essential for growing trees. In employing this technique, you need to make sure that you are using a bubbler or a hose. Avoid using your sprinkler system as it will not work. The purpose of this technique is to saturate the soil. Allow the trees to completely dry out before you re-employ the technique. Avoid under or over watering trees because these are the number one reasons why 90% of trees die.

Watering Schedule After Planting

The guidelines for post-planting water schedule may vary depending on the rainfall.

For Balled and Burlap Trees:

Water before a hard freeze if the temperature is 40 degrees below.
Water the trees once in an 11 to 14 day period if it is 40-65 degrees.
Water once a week for 65-85 degrees.
Water every three days if the temperature is 85-100 degrees.

Trees that are grown in a container have different watering techniques.

You need to water trees once a month if it is 40 degrees or below.
Water once in an 11 to 14 days period if it is 40 to 65 degrees.
Water once in a six-day period if it is 65 to 85 degrees.
Water once in a three-day period if it is 85 to 100 degrees.

It is recommended that you follow these guidelines for the first 12 months of planting the tree. Your trees will grow without any problems as long as there are no problems with the rainfall conditions. It is necessary to change the watering schedule for drought conditions. If you are not sure what to do, you can always give us a call so we can further assist you, especially in the second year. We at Lumberjack Tree Services may advise you to change the watering schedule by adding four to seven days to the time frame which is listed above.

When you overwater trees, the colors will also change usually from a green to a pale green. It will continue to change its color from a brown or a tan. The general rule when watering trees is to start at the base or the middle. Do not allow trees to become too dry or it will result in displaying leaves with brown edges. It is better to underwater trees than to overwater them. One thing is for sure when you are not following the watering schedule: trees will not grow as healthy as you expected.

Starting a tree planting project can be overwhelming and intimidating because of the responsibilities that it entails. You need to be diligent in following watering schedules to encourage optimum tree growth. The results you are expecting will be possible if you stick to the schedule. If you are not sure about the proper watering techniques, you can always get in touch with Lumberjack Tree Services. We will guide you so your trees will grow healthy. We will provide you with the proper watering solutions to avoid overwatering the trees. If you are ready to kickstart a tree planting project, schedule a call with Lumberjack Tree Services today.