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Certified Arborists

 With the number of plants available in the market today, choosing one for your property can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you don’t have any experience in tending and growing to plants. And while your preference should be considered, there are other things which should come into the picture. Aside from your preference, choosing the right plants for your property should include the weather condition of your area, your ability to take care of these plants and the goal you want to achieve for your property. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the maintenance costs of these plants and if you have children or pets who have allergies. You’ll have a long list do’s and don’ts before you can end up with the right plant for your needs and wants. If you want this process to be easier for you, choose to hire certified arborists, such as ones from Lumberjack Tree Services. Our team is made up of skilled and trained arborists who can help in your decision-making. They will take into considerations several valuables so you’ll end up with a plant which can meet your expectations.

Unlike our competitors, Lumber Tree Services has a team of professional arborists which can provide several tree services. We are proud to have arborists who are only skilled but are also eager to learn new strategies every single day. Aside from their skills, we strive to provide the necessary training and workshop to all of our arborists. This is our way of making sure that our team is adept with the latest trends when it comes to tree trimming services.

What Can You Experience From Us?

We are not the only company in Austin which offers tree trimming services; we understand how fierce and competitive the market is today. There might even be some companies which provide the same services as ours but chargers customers at cheaper rates. Working with them might be tempting, but there’s one thing we can assure you – once you hire Lumberjack Tree Services, you will only experience the best service from the best people in the industry. We understand how important customer service is – and that is something which we strive to give to all our customers. To paint a clearer picture of how we are different from our competitors, consider the list below:

 Tree diagnosis

 Just like human beings, trees are also prone to several diseases. If taken lightly, these can become the reason why your trees will wilt and die. If you consider your trees as your prized possessions and you don’t want them to die, call us so our arborists can provide accurate tree diagnosis. With their experience and training, you can be assured that they will carefully inspect your trees, inform you of their condition and suggest the necessary solutions. The earlier you call us, the better solutions we can provide. We can even prevent your trees from dying.

 Cause of tree stress

 Trees can undergo a lot of things. With changing weather conditions, they can also be stressed. The same is also true when these trees are exposed to different types of rodents or weeds. To make sure that your trees are growing healthily, call us. We will conduct the necessary inspection to determine the main reasons why your trees are caused. Once we already know the problem, we would have a better idea of what kind of solutions and remedy are applicable. We will treat the main cause of the problem, not control its side effects.

Caring for your trees

 Your trees need constant affection. Just like human beings, you should exert time and effort in taking care of them. Depending on the kind of tree you have in your property, you might need to water them regularly and trim any weak branch or limbs. Doing these tasks can be tolerable for many but if you already have a lot of responsibilities, taking care of these trees might be too much for you. To make sure that you’re able to fulfill your role as a parent, employee, and homeowner at the same time, call us for help. Our arborists are trained to care for your trees on your behalf. Once you hire us, we will work hand in hand to ensure that your trees grow healthily.

These are just some of the services we offer once you call us for help. If you think your needs are not presented from this list, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will do our best to provide the best services suitable for your tree-related needs. We can even formulate personalized solutions which will work best for the type of situation you’re in right now. Just let us know what your problems are, and we will be more than ready to help out. We will walk the extra mile so you will become one of our satisfied customers.

Let The Pros Help

 Taking care of trees in your property can be demanding. You’ll have a lot of things on your plate to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy these trees in the best way possible. For starters, you have to regularly check its branches and limbs, clean any weed around it and ensure that these are growing in the direction you want. Skipping any of these tasks can be harmful to your family and your property. Weak limbs and tilting branches can cause accidents and can even damage nearby structures. Save yourself from the hassle of personally taking care of your trees by calling Lumberjack Tree Services. With the skills and training acquired by out arborists, you will be at ease knowing that your trees are only taken care of the best. We will provide professional services to all of your tree trimming needs with a price you can afford. Once you hire us, you will not only hire equipped arborists but you will also experience quality customer service – hiring us is like hiring friends who can help you with your tree-related dilemmas. Let us help so you can take advantage of you trees in the longest time possible!